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Extensive research has been done about the negative impact on overall health from less than ideal childhoods that include abuse, neglect, parents in prison, and several other factors. Learn about ACE scores and how they may affect you.


Learn more about BPD and depression, options for treatment, and ways to overcome your struggles.


Read several articles from Dr. Vance Shaw, MD, FASAM, founder and medical director of High Point Clinic. He covers several topics on addiction.


President Nixon declared a war on drugs during his presidency. As a nation, we wouldn't understand the implications of this until decades later. 


A powerful look from High Point Clinic about the use of meth and overall toll it  can take on a person.


Read about how smoking impacts overall health as well as during pregnancy.


Learn what defines alcoholism, the alcohol gene, find a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and how AA works.


A powerful study and review done by the National Institutes of Health about the treatment of opiate use disorder on a global scale, and what diversion means for society as a whole. An excellent read.


Up-to-date information about Hepatitis C, treatment options, and specifics in regards to patients concurrently being treated with buprenorphine.


A compelling article from the New England Journal of Medicine outlining the safety and efficacy of buprenorphine during pregnancy.


A comprehensive review of the current literature, recommendations, and up-to-date research on treating addiction in pregnancy, an often controversial topic.


The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology issued a statement in July 2017 reiterating their stance on medication-assisted treatment as the standard of care in pregnancy.


Read multiple articles about how buprenorphine is used to treat opiate use disorder as well as recommendations from the AAFP.


A multitude of graphs from various studies over the past decades regarding the opioid-overdose epidemic and its impact on society. Powerful imagery to truly grasp the severity of addiction and the toll it has taken.


An extensive overview of buprenorphine and its use in treating addiction. Pulled from multiple sources, this is a great compilation of addiction treatment guidelines and their origins.


A dozen articles about treating acute pain in patients currently being treated for opioid use disorder with buprenorphine. 

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