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Buprenorphine Therapy for Opiate Use Disorder

From March, 2018, up-to-date recommendations and guidelines for using buprenorphine to treat opiate use disorder from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Buprenorphine Myths & Realities

A compelling article from the New England Journal of Medicine that outlines the opioid-overdose crisis, and how primary care can be a major player in treating addiction.

5 Myths About Using Buprenorphine to Treat Addiction

From the Harvard School of Medicine, a great outline surrounding some of the myths and stigma of using buprenorphine to treat addiction.

Relative Harm Caused by Drugs

Buprenorphine is WAYYYY down the list!

A Review of Buprenorphine Diversion and Misuse: The Current Evidence Base and Experiences from Around the World

Article documenting advantages of increased access to buprenorphine recognizing "steps taken to minimize buprenorphine diversion and misuse must be careful not to undermine the positive patient and public health benefits gained from expanded treatment access."

Methadone and Buprenorphine Reduce Risk of Death after Opioid Overdose

From the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) study authors conclude that a nonfatal overdose treated in the emergency department is a critical time to identify people with OUD, and an opportunity to offer patients access to treatment. Compared to those not receiving medication assisted treatment, opioid overdose deaths decreased by 59 percent for those receiving methadone and 38 percent for those receiving buprenorphine.

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