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About High Point Clinic

Founded in 2012, and taking our first patient Jan 1, 2013, High Point Clinic is the only independent non-profit in Tennessee that provides treatment for addiction. We strive to support, guide, educate, and encourage our patients through the course of addiction to recovery. Given our smaller patient base, highly educated staff, and mission to help those in need, we feel we are able to provide the best evidence-based addiction treatment available.

Evidence overwhelmingly suggests MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) as a necessary model for maintenance treatment for those suffering from the disease of opiate addiction. We are happy to work with this model of treatment. And, if desired, will taper individuals down to the lowest possible dose until fully tapered off of medication.

We will NEVER force taper our patients!


High Point Clinic excels as the community leader in evidence-based education and treatment. Aiming to improve long term recovery outcomes for those suffering from substance use disorders, HPC approaches addiction with consideration to the physical, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of the disease. Staying abreast of current trends and research, we will continuously modify and update our treatment techniques based on current peer reviewed literature and data.


Championing the efforts to change societal and political biases, HPC actively participates in legislative efforts, and community education endeavors to promote constructive changes in perceptions and improve access to treatment. HPC will continue to campaign for compassionate and fair treatment of recovery efforts. Consorting with local agencies, other non-profits, and the private sector, HPC strives to generate collaborative resources, promoting and assisting our patients with restoration and integration as productive societal members.


Always seeking avenues for improving the acceptance of those who struggle with addiction and medication assisted treatment, HPC seeks to provide a safe place for our patients where addiction is addressed holistically. HPC improves patient self-awareness by augmenting self-improvement efforts, fostering accountability, and endorsing an all-encompassing approach to addiction and recovery. HPC remains and aspires to not only impact the rates and severity of addiction, but also influence attitudes towards addiction, pilot leadership in treatment, and usher advocacy for those impacted by addiction.


  • Patients come first. They are treated with dignity and respect and encouraged to accomplish the goals they establish.


  • Employees are our greatest assets and encouraged to excel in their chosen field with our support.


  • Our service of excellence is evidence-based addiction treatment with sound practices in medicine and therapy.


  • Healthier communities are supported through our partnerships and educational programs to promote change in the overall view of opiate addiction.


  • Excellence is achieved through integrity, teamwork, leadership, continuous quality of care improvement, and strong emphasis on industry ethical standards.

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