Emily Hand, LPC-MHSP

Clinical Director, Therapist, EMDR

Emily H pic.jpg

Meet Emily Hand, LPC-MHSP, who has recently moved into our Clinical Director position! She joined the family of High Point Clinic in December of 2016. Emily obtained her Master of Arts in Counseling in 2016 from ETSU. Emily is a Licensed Professional Counselor, SMART Recovery Facilitator, group facilitator, and is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR. Prior to Emily's enrollment at ETSU she received two degrees from Milligan College; in 2007 a BA in Fine Arts Photography, and in 2012 a Masters of Divinity in Christian Ministry from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.

"I am honored to work alongside those seeking treatment at High Point Clinic. I have found that one of my greatest joys is bearing witness to those on the journey of waking up to their reality with a real sense of their inner strength and resilience. When our adaptive systems become hindered we struggle to balance. My hope it that through sessions focusing on empowerment, psycho-education, emotional regulation, and mindfulness the individual can return to a place of balance and thriving. My desire is to approach each client as holding expertise in their experience and offer the training I have in managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, substance use, and grief and loss. I have facilitated the groups offered at High Point along with seeing individuals for office visits and counseling sessions. The groups that I have facilitated include SMART Recovery, Mindfulness Meditation, and Pregnant and New Moms."