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Keystone Dental Care is a non-profit dental clinic founded in 1999 in Johnson City, Tennessee, with the mission of providing basic dental care to adults 19 years or older who meet federal poverty guidelines. We are funded by State grants, but also depend on private donations and local community support to keep the clinic operational Contact Us: Keystone Dental Care, Inc. 603 Bert Street, Box 12 Suite 206 Johnson City, TN. 37601 Phone: 423-232-7919 Fax: 423-232-5297 E-mail: The dental hygiene clinic in Lamb Hall on campus is open to the public with clinic hours scheduled to coincide with each academic semester. Initial appointments provide the patient with a thorough patient assessment (check-up) after which the patient will be assigned to a student for cleaning at a later time. Services include: • Thorough Examination • Oral Cancer Screening • Dental Cleaning • Dental Charting • Periodontal Assessment and Therapy • Preventive Oral Health Instructions • Fluoride • Occlusal Sealants • Dental Radiographs • Referral Senior Citizens (55 and older) receive free treatment (there is a charge to copy x-rays to be sent to your dentist). All others (who can afford to pay) are charged $20.00 for cleaning. The cost for sealants is $12.00 each and the costs for reproducing x-rays are as follows: $30.00 for full mouth, $20.00 for bite wings or panoramic, and $5.00 for single periapical x-rays. All exams are free and there is only a charge for x-rays when they must be reproduced. Please remember that we are a teaching facility and you will receive excellent care, but it may not done as quickly as in a private dental office. Our students need time to learn and to have their work evaluated. Thank you for your patience. Also, please be advised that our services do not replace routine visits to your dentist. Please phone (423) 439-4514 for an appointment. We are located in room 70 just off the breeze way (which is a walkway through the building) in Lamb Hall which is number 19 on the campus map or you can locate the building by choosing Main Campus and Lamb Hall.



Healing Hands Health Center believes that everyone should have access to quality dental care and that no one should suffer needlessly when in acute dental pain. Healing Hands Health Center’s Dental Clinic provides acute dental care. Primarily fillings, extractions and cleanings, for low-income adults who: • *Do not have personal or employer-provided dental insurance and do not qualify for any government-funded dental insurance (Medicaid or Famis) • *Reside in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia • *Patient and/or someone in their household must be employed, unless they are retired, a student, a Veteran or disabled • *Have an annual household income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Healing Hands Health Center’s Dental Clinic DOES NOT currently provide: • Sedation (local anesthesia only) • Complex root canals • Gum disease treatment • Crowns or bridges • Dentures • Braces • Narcotics 

• Our Schedule

In order to schedule an appointment, you must first have an eligibility screening. Screening times are: • Monday (2:00 PM to 4:00 PM) • Tuesday (4:00 PM to 6:00 PM) • Wednesday (10:00 AM to 12:00 PM) • Thursday (4:00 PM to 6:00 PM) Our Location Healing Hands Health Center 245 Midway Medical Park Bristol, Tennessee 37620 • (423) 652-0260 Over-the-counter/home remedies: ibuprofen (200mg), 2-4 tablets 3-4 times a day with food; oral rinses with warm salt water; topical pain relivers (OraGel, etc) and/or protective products like DenTemp or DenTek. These measures are only temporary and you will need to seek professional dental care with a dentist as soon as possible.


FRIENDS IN NEED HEALTH CENTER provides on-site primary care and dental care as well as referrals to other volunteer physicians and professionals for specialized care. We serve the working uninsured in Sullivan, Hawkins, Washinton, and Greene counties in Tennessee and Scott, Lee, and Wise counties in Virginia. These include working single-parent families; people who are working but do not have the income to purchase insurance, those who have jobs that don’t provide insurance (part time and full) and people who are becoming independent from government assistance programs. We also serve those who are currently on social security or disability as well as full-time college students. Medical and Dental services provided at: 1105 West Stone Drive Kingsport, TN 37660 Medical & Dental appointments can be made by calling 423-224- 5697 or 423-224-5691 Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 8am5pm (Closed for Lunch 12pm-1pm) Friday 8am-12noon

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