Coleen Smith, DO

our past

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Meet Coleen Smith, DO who is Board Certified as a family physician (AAFP) and Integrative medicine (ABIHM) specialist. She is interested in using all modalities to assist patients to gain their maximum health potential. Dr. Smith has been practicing medicine for a total of 30 years, 19 of which has been in the Tri-City area. 


High Point was privileged to having been been joined by Dr. Smith for a total of 4 years, leaving us in 2020 to pursue other avenues and continue her primary practice in Johnson City, TN. She held a special interest treating our pregnant Moms and helping them learn about their process as women in the cycle of pregnancy, including Finnegan Score, Health Department education, Child developmental milestones and the changes that occur in her body during the 9 months of pregnancy. She excelled in allowing women to process with others in the group setting as well as bringing practical advice to each member of the group. We were blessed to have her here and miss her daily.

Written by Dr. Smith while here serving us at High Point!:

"My four years at High Point have been an education for me!  In medical school there is little education about addiction and it is a shunned topic as it is in our communities across America.  One important thing I have learned is that Addiction is treatable!  I am on the front lines of watching women get their lives back through getting off the street, dealing with their shame and learning about their own power!  Yes I said POWER!  We started as a pregnancy group and now those original group Mothers with toddlers  come together and guide other new Moms to support their recovery.  In helping others our successful Moms gain affirmation, confidence and learn about their own ability to be ENOUGH for others.  I am proud of all our Moms and champion their efforts, successes and the learning that occurs with their failures!"